3 Tips for Working From Home

Three Tips For Working From Home

The last few days have really shown me that my normal everyday life is actually called “quarantine” 😳 Haha!

For real though, since I always work from home and I am so passionate about my work, it is not uncommon for me to go a day or two without leaving the house! (yikes!) So since I’ve had some experience with this lifestyle, I am sharing three tips for working from home.

Three Tips For Working From Home

My Personal Three Tips for Working From Home


1. Get dressed like normal everyday

Get dressed as if you are leaving the house to go to work! I know pajamas can be super tempting, but you’ll be wayyy more productive and motivated if you are dressed ready to go!


2. Create a morning routine that you enjoy

You should definitely take the time to figure out your morning routine. This could take a few days to really figure out, so don’t be afraid to try different routines in order to find the one that’s best for you. For example, maybe it is having coffee at your desk before starting work, or fitting in a workout, or watching the news. Whatever it is, stick to it!


3. Take a good lunch break… you’ll need it

Taking a good lunch break might sound like a weird one if you aren’t used to working from home. But trust me, it can get a little tough focusing so long in the same home you eat and sleep in everyday. That being said, taking a good lunch break does not have to mean going out to eat. For instance, it could be taking a walk, snuggling with your pup, working in the garden, or even reading for a little bit. You simply need a brain break!


Were these tips helpful? Tell me in the comments below what you would add to this list! Also, click here to get in touch with me about my wedding photography services!

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3 Tips for Working From Home

March 24, 2020