ZZ Plant

Three Houseplants I’m Obsessed With

Hey friend! So, today I thought I would interrupt the regular blogging of my beautiful real weddings to share a little more about me – and more importantly, my houseplants!

For those of you who don’t know already – I am one proud plant mom. 🍃 I love houseplants and filling every room with something green! To me, it makes every space feel so much more cozy + lively and I just LOVE watching them grow. Also, I find taking care of my plants to be super therapeutic. So beware – if you invite me to your house and you have plants, I will most definitely take a close look and admire! #sorrynotsorry

Abby Rose Photography | 3 Houseplants I'm Obsessed With

Growing up, my mom has always had some sort of garden as well as plenty of flowers growing in our backyard (peonies are her fav!). Somewhere down the line in high school, I started getting into it too! However, I found my love in houseplants. In high school, I always had about 2 or 3. But since then, my love for plants has only grown and now I somehow have 12 (and still want a LOT more!).

However, while I am most definitely a plant lover – I am by NO MEANS a plant expert. For example, I still sometimes have to google why a certain plant of mine isn’t flowering or why the leaves are turning yellow. But I believe plants can be such a fun addition to any room, and they even make the air cleaner. In addition, I’ve read that they can help people relax, focus, and even heal you?? (For my Grey’s Anatomy fans – isn’t there a room in the hospital filled with plants for that specific reason? Haha!)



Here we go – three of my fav houseplants!

1. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant | 3 Houseplants I'm Obsessed With

ZZ plants are seriously sooo easy you guys! They don’t require a lot of light or water, so if you are a plant newbie this should definitely be on your list. They only need to be watered about once a month, and they don’t need to be right in front of a window (now you know what to do with that darker corner in the dining room you’ve left empty for months!)! (Click here for more info about taking care of ZZ plants!)


2. Snake Plant

Snake Plant | 3 Houseplants I'm Obsessed With

I just love the way snake plants LOOK. I love how tall they can be, yet how simple and clean they look. If you have a big empty spot in your living room and want a plant to fill the space, buy a large snake plant and it will make such a modern statement! They also don’t need a ton of water (just once every few weeks), and are super versatile with light (they prefer medium light but still tolerate low & high light). (Click here for more info about taking care of Snake plants!)


3. String of Hearts Plant (Ceropegia)

String of Hearts Plant | 3 Houseplants I'm Obsessed With

Everyone needs a pretty hanging plant! Buy yourself a macrame hanger and hang this beauty up! This plant gets its name for its delicate, heart shaped leaves. This is definitely the hardest plant to take care of on this list but still not too bad! They require a good amount of sun but not too much water; just make sure the soil is dry between watering. (Click here to learn more about how to take care of String of Hearts plants!)



Alright, there you go friends – my 3 fav houseplants! Also, now that it is finally spring, it is the PERFECT time to buy new plants!

***One last tip you guys- do NOT get discouraged if your plant isn’t immediately thriving! Just do some googling. The key is to catch problems early, so start researching right when you notice the leaves turning yellow, for example. You’ll maybe learn that you’ve been overwatering but still are able to recover just fine! I believe in you 🙂

I hope you are now just as obsessed with these three houseplants as I am! Next, let me know what your favorite plants are in the comments below! I need to go buy some new ones!! 🌱

March 31, 2020