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Why you Need an Engagement Session

I believe that every single couple getting married needs an engagement session! You may be thinking that I *have* to say that as a photographer, but I don’t. I just simply believe it to be true. So to prove it, I’m going to be sharing three reasons why I think ALL couples can benefit from having an engagement session prior to the wedding day (besides just getting photos to use for your save-the-dates).

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1. You get to know your photographer before your big day

This is a pretty big reason. You spend quite a bit of time on your wedding day with your photographer. They aren’t just like a florist that stops by to drop off flowers and leave; their job is to essentially follow you around all day long for 8-10 hours! Since your photographer spends so much time with you on your big day, don’t you want to feel like a friend and not some random stranger? Engagement sessions allow you to get to know your photographer better so when you see them again on your wedding day, you won’t feel awkward at all & just be excited to hang out again!

Why you Need an Engagement Session | STL Photographer

2. You can practice being in front of the camera

Most people feel awkward with a camera on them at first (surprise surprise). So if you don’t want to feel so self conscious on your wedding day you can get over the camera shyness at your engagement session and realize it doesn’t have to feel awkward! 🙂 You will most likely do a lot of the same poses at your engagement session that you’ll do at your wedding, so this gives you a chance to practice them beforehand in a much more relaxed vibe. So by the time your wedding comes around, you’ll be a pro! 😉

Why you Need an Engagement Session | Forest Park

3. You’ll have fun (I promise!)

I always make sure you have a blast at your session with me and that it is as easy as possible! I’ll help you decide on a location as well as provide you plenty of tips on what to wear!

Think of your session as a mini date with your babe where you’re going to have those moments between you two captured. You’ll be getting some gorgeous photos that you’ll absolutely love because they will represent your unique relationship. Have fun, enjoy the moment, and come into this session with an open mind and up for some adventure! ☀️

Engagement Session in Forest Park

Engagement sessions are absolutely worth the investment. You get to know your photographer better, you can practice being in front of the camera, and you’ll have tons of fun. Not to mention, you’ll get tons of stunning images of you & your babe that you can print and hang around the house, put on your save-the-dates, and share on Instagram!

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June 9, 2020