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Why the Bride Should Get Hair + Makeup Done First

Wondering what the hair and makeup order should be on your wedding day? I’m going to explain my three reasons why I always recommend that the BRIDE should get her hair and makeup done FIRST!

1 – Hair and makeup often run late!

Do you want to know the number one aspect of wedding days that most often run late? Hair and makeup, my friend. It can often be challenging to predict exactly how long hair and makeup will take. There are many factors to consider such as how often people want touch ups or changes, the number of people that need help putting on fake eyelashes, and more. It can make a bride a little anxious standing around, waiting for everyone to finish getting ready before starting yourself! So to avoid having everything wait on you to begin and stress less, be ready early!

Why the Bride Should Get Hair + Makeup Done First

2 – You’ll look beautiful in all the candid getting ready photos!

I typically don’t shoot “Getting Ready” photos until you and most of your bridesmaids are almost completely ready. Because let’s be honest, no one wants photos of themselves with their hair half curled and one eye of makeup done! 😉 But if you get your hair and makeup done early, then you won’t have to worry about unflattering photos. This allows you to get MORE photos of this part of the day since you will be ready sooner, and you can just relax!

Why the Bride Should Get Hair + Makeup Done First

3 – The hair and makeup artists can give you touch ups before they leave!

I know you are probably thinking, “But what if my curls start to fall, or my lip stick starts to fade?” Well this is why going first is so handy! If you need any touch ups before you are ready to go to the first look or ceremony, no worries! The artists will still be there finishing up the last of your bridesmaids hair and makeup and therefore can definitely help!

Bride Getting Ready on Wedding Day

So that is why I believe the Bride should get her hair & makeup done first on her wedding day! Or at the very least, never last 😉

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May 15, 2020