How to Include your Dog in your Engagement Photos

How to Include your Dog in Engagement Photos

Today I’m SO pumped to share all about how to include your dog in your engagement photos! One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “Can we bring our dog to our engagement session?” The answer is always: OF COURSE. 🙂 As someone that has a dog myself, I totally get it. Dogs are part of the family, so it definitely makes sense to include them in some of your engagement photos.

However, it can add a little extra stress to your session. Your dog might be a perfect angel at home, but I often find that dogs LOSE IT when they get to the park (there is sooo much to sniff). This is why I wanted to share all the tips and tricks for getting photos with your furbaby that you’ll love!

Get your pup photo ready 🤎

I recommend getting your pup groomed within the week of your session so they are looking their very best. If you have a really fluffy pup, we want to make sure we can see their eyes in the photos.


Ask a friend to help out!

This is my *number one* tip!!! Since you only want your dog in some of the photos, I recommend asking a friend or family member to volunteer to dogsit after we get our photos with your pup! They could either hang out at the location of the session with your dog until the session is over or just take him back to your house for you. I HIGHLY recommend enlisting help as it helps so much with minimizing your stress before and during the session!


Bring a few treats & toys… and poop bags. 🙂

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, it’s very likely your dog will get a little overstimulated with all the new smells and excitement. This is why I suggest bringing some treats and toys that he loves to help us keep his attention (BONUS points if the toy makes a noise)! Oh, and make sure to throw a couple bags in your car in case they need to go potty during our session. 🙂


I hope you now know exactly how to include your dog in your engagement photos! Just remember, your dog might not cooperate exactly how you hope. But try not to stress about it, as even just cute candid photos of you and your fiancé petting your pup and giving him love & kisses will still be super adorable!

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May 19, 2020