Bridesmaids getting ready and laughing

How to Choose Getting Ready Location | Wedding

Have you ever thought about how you are going to choose your getting ready location for your wedding day? You probably haven’t given it too much thought. After all, the ceremony and reception venues are a lot more important! However, while those venues are important, your getting ready spot should be too. 


I believe where you get ready for your wedding can set the tone for the entire rest of the day! 

Bridesmaids getting ready and laughing

Imagine this…

Imagine how you would feel getting ready in a small hotel room with 6 bridesmaids, your mom, photographers, hair and makeup artists, everyone’s personal bags and clothes…yikes!

Now picture an environment where people can spread out, the rooms have tons of natural light and pretty white walls… now that starts off your wedding on an awesome, relaxing note!

So what’s my tip for finding the perfect getting ready space??

Rent a big, fun Airbnb instead of a basic hotel room!

A pretty Airbnb will not only look better, but they are also comparable in price to hotel rooms! Also, there are so many choices to pick from: different sizes, styles, locations, prices, etc! Airbnbs give way more options than a hotel does.

Are you wondering what makes one Airbnb better than another for photos? Here are two big things to look out for to find the perfect option!

1. Look for white or light-colored walls

Nothing can make photos look dull and dreary like beige or brown walls! I recommend seeking out white walls, as they will help make your photos look much brighter, and won’t reflect any weird colors on your skin tone! Or, if you are wanting a more fun or moodier vibe, look for walls that are bold & unique! Example include an emerald green statement wall, fun printed wallpaper, etc!

How to Choose Getting Ready Location | Bride Putting Shoes On

2. Natural light

I highly recommend choosing a location that has at least one room with a couple really good size windows to provide lots of natural light! Photographers like to be able to shoot in a room with all the overheat lights and lamps off, so this means lots of good natural light. I do this because mixed light of any kind (natural light + lamps + overhead lights) tends to lead to odd skin tones in photos. So having amazing natural light will solve that problem and lead to beautiful final images!

Bride and Mom Getting Ready on Wedding Day

So there you have it! I hope you now confidently know how to choose your getting ready location for your wedding day!

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June 19, 2020