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3 Tips for your Winter Wedding

Today I’m sharing 3 tips for your winter wedding! Are you planning a winter wedding right now (or maybe you just had to reschedule due to COVID-19 & now you’re suddenly planning a winter wedding)? Then this is for you! ❄️

Winter is such a beautiful and romantic time to get married. The snow is falling and everyone is snuggled up in cozy blankets drinking hot chocolate. ☕️ ☃️ But with winter weddings usually comes chilly weather – so here are my 3 tips for photo time at your winter wedding!

1 – Hand Warmers are your best friends!!

Bring them, and lots of them! Buy some for yourselves and your wedding party so they can be kept in pockets or held around bouquets 🙂 I always keep some on hand with me to share as well! I use the HotHands Warmers and they work great and stay warm for SO long!

Bogey Hills Country Club in St Charles | Bride and Groom Holding Hands

2- Buy cute shawls or wraps for yourself and the bridesmaids!

They are warm, and they photograph SO PRETTY. They can also really tie together your winter wonderland wedding theme. Look how pretty they photograph next to these maroon bridesmaids dresses! 😍

Red Bridesmaids Dresses | 3 Tips for your Winter Wedding

3- Warm feet are a must for your winter wedding!

Nothing makes you feel colder and more irritable than freezing feet. This is why I recommend bringing a pair of shoes just for outdoor photos! They could be your snow boots, Uggs, whatever you got! This goes for the bride and the bridesmaids! Just make sure to try them on with your dress ahead of time so you can find a pair that doesn’t show through.

3 Tips for your Winter Wedding

I hope you find these 3 tips for planning your winter wedding to be SUPER helpful! Winter weddings are truly so romantic and beautiful, and these tips will make it extra cozy too! 😉

Click HERE to view my photos from a recent snowy engagement session!

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May 25, 2020